Why Learn Swahili with us?

Here are eight reasons why!


Start learning Swahili with our beginner’s course designed to be Swahili fun and easy for all ages. Using the Abode Captive Prime Learning management system, we will to provide you with best Swahili learning resources.

ONline Swahili Tutoring

As part of our membership plans, we provide online Swahili lessons to students who like additional support from a Swahili tutors via Skype or Google hangouts. Our online Swahili lessons tremendously improve conversational skills, punctuation and confidence to a Swahili learner.


Apart from online Swahili lessons, you will be able to learn Swahili on your tablet, laptop or smartphone, where ever you are. We deliver our courses with though the help of Adobe Captive prime, a learning management system. It allows us to provide you with Swahili courses to your mobile devices so you can learn and move at the same time.

Learn Swahili free

Our Beginner Swahili are free step-by-step lessons into the basics of the Swahili language. It is started to give an opportunity to provide simple Swahili knowledge. Besides the language skills provided to you, we also post interesting information about Swahili culture, history, fashion and much more. We update our blog weekly and notify to our fellow Swahili learners if they an EasySwahili account.


Here at easyswahili have implicated an online swahili community where students can communicate with other Swahili learners and tutors. Students at easyswahili and members with free accounts have the ability to freely ask questions and start discussion on our forum. Our online swahili tutors can help to provide answers and actively engage in discussion.

Learn Swahili from Native Speakers

Teacher at EasySwahili comes from East African and grew with the Swahili language throughout his or hers lifetime. Swahili is our first and mother tongue language. We speak Swahili everyday in our daily lives and our Swahili fluency is in absolute tip – top shape. Even our English is exemplary.

we make Swahili fun

Earn points and badges to rise the ranks among your swahili members We have incorporated in our step-by-step courses with friendly competitions so that users can enjoy learning and stay engaged by earn badges and points by completing lessons and units.

Talk to us through Social Media

Social Media is a big part of EasySwahili and other people’s life. So, we actively participate in social media to help and make it easy for Swahili learners to communicate to us. Ask us question or comment about anything to do with Swahili on social media and we will most certainly retweet or reply and try to give you an answer or advice. Twitter: @EasySwahili Facebook: EasySwahili Youtube Channel: EasySwahili


About us

EasySwahili is much more than just some ordinary website. Why? Well because behind the website, there are Swahili teachers/tutors who are extremely passionate about teaching the Swahili language to anyone willing or interested in learning it. In addition, we are professional individuals who rise the bar of Swahili learning. Designing our courses and teaching student through online Swahili lessons, we seek to give you the best learning experience. We have noticed an increasing tend in Swahili learners. So, we decided to build a website to give the Swahili learners an amazing place to enjoy learning swahili. Finally and most importantly, we are native Swahili teachers from different origin in East Africa such as Arusha, Nairobi and Kigali. Swahili is in our blood!



Learn Swahili Free


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