About Us

12th March 2016

Our mission

Ujumbe yetu

Here at Easyswhaili, Our mission is to teach swahili regardless of your position on the globe. We deliver Swahili materials to people who would like to learn swahili online . We believe that the Swahili language will continue to be recognized  and an increase in Swahili-speakers will soon follow. That is why we would like to support the growth our language . As Swahili teachers form East Africa, we invest our time to provide the world with the best learning resources there is, so no nobody has to struggle to learn Swahili. Beginner or not we provide both Online Swahili tuition and Swahili courses for anyone. We are committed to teach Swahili to students, businessmen or tourists. Asante (thank you)

Who we are?

Sisi ni Nani?

We are online swahili teachers who strive to educate anyone who wants to learn Swahili. Dedicated to teaching, we try to make the course on offer as fun as we can to keep the student interested and engaged in the course . However, we also pursue to develop and nurture the student's Swahili language skills in every way possible.

Why the Swahili Language?

Kwa nini lugha ya kiswahili?

Swahili is the most spoken language in the East African region and third most spoken language in the African continent. But how does learning Swahili benefit me as an individual. Well for businessmen, it will be easier of him to communicate in one of the fastest growing economics. For leisure, communication will be easier as you come down to Kenya and see the beautiful wildlife Africa has to offer.


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