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12th March 2016

Would you like to Learn Swahili?

Well you have came in the right place. Here at EasySwahili, we create fantastic and easy to understand courses which will allow you to learn Swahili quickly . Furthermore, our courses have other resources for a wide variety for a better learning experience. We continually keep updating our courses with materials and resources that will help you study and speak Swahili efficiently . For instance, we boast to have well trained teachers who can help you with your Swahili studies. Our Tutors/ Teachers are native and professional who have thought in Swahili speaking countries. When you sign up for a membership, you will receive a free lesson(s) from our Swahili teachers. In which you could use the lesson to improve on your pronunciation or learn extra swahili content. The lesson is yours. Speak Swahili today.


Swahili Courses

Learning is supposed to be fun and interseting, so that the students get encouraged to study . Aslo, if a student is actively engaging in the course, the student is more likely that the student to success using your time and money wisely. Our courses and interactive courses which have competitions in which friends can complete units to earn points.

Swahili Tutoring

For giving us chance to teach you swahili we will throw in a free swahili lesson with one of our tutors. Our tutors are professionals, who have taught Swahili in various schools in East Afirca

Learn on the Go

Learn swahili wherever you are. Either on a bus, train or in comfort of your own home. Our learning management system is able to deliver your swahili courses and lessons onto your mobile, tablet or computer

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After you Pay

How do you get your Swahili Services?

After completing the payment on one the fellow learning plans, you will receive an email . This email have the information regarding your easyswahili account and also an abode captive prime account. Adobe Captivate Prime is the learning management system (LMS) that we use to provide our students with the required materials needed to learn swahili. The email you include a log in URL of Adobe Captivate Prime, so you can resister for the course. Once registered you can begin learning swahili from your Adobe Captivate Prime account. You will begin automatic added to the beginners level. On the other hand, the easyswahili account is your profile into the swahili community. This account can be used to communicate with us and also with other members in the easyswahili community.

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Here at easyswhaili we find the best ways to teach you. So will use Adobe Captive Prime. Adobe Captive Prime is an learning management system (LMS). It helps us provide the course content to the students. Therefore, anyone who paid for the course will get invited to the learning management system so as to start the course. You will be provided with a login email address to access your course