13th March 2016

Why you should have a Swahili lesson with us?

Improve your your Pronunciation

When you don't feel like you can't pronounce a certain words properly, you should request lesson and our tutors will help you with pronunciation and give tips on how to pronounce Swahili words better.

Get Addition Support for Teachers

When you are struggle with a ceratin topic, the best person to ask for advice is your teacher. Our Swahili tutors will guide you on the topic find difficult to comprehend and can teach you a new topic outside our course syllabus.

Put your Swahili knowledge into Practice.

Have a conversation in Swahili. Our tutors are always here to help you learn swahili. But they can also help you improve your conversational skills, by having a casual conversation with them. Of course, in Swahili.

So how does it work?

Book a Swahili Lesson.

Go to Request for a Swahili Lesson. Then fill in the details for when you would like your Swahili lesson be and so on. Once you completed the form submit it.

Wait to receive a booking Confirmation

Within less than 24 hours, you should receive an email stating the deatils of your swahili lesson.

Pay once the lesson Starts.

Once the date and time of the lesson arrives, both the student and teacher will login onto a video conference and begin the lesson. You will pay once the teacher lesson starts via paypal. Enjoy!

Our Swahili Online Tutoring Prices

The Best Prices for Professional Online Tutoring.

One Hour
Learn with Swahili tutor for an hour.

Two Hours
Save $4
Learn with a swahili tutor for two hours.

How will the tutor teach me?

Once you have completed to the form down below, we get back to your in 24 hours or less. We will give you our Skype or Google hangouts contact, which you each you prefer, of your swahili tutor which will be teaching the lesson. Your Swahili teacher will be online 10 minutes before the requested date and time. Giving your time to login and get to know your swahili tutor a little bit your lesson before begins. We will provide you with a papal payment URL which you should go and pay for the lesson.