Everyday Swahili Greetings

In our first lesson, of the Swahili beginner's Guide, we are going to the simple ways on how to greet people in Swahili. These are just a couple of simple Swahili greetings and responses we would like to start.  Because, you cant start a conversation without greeting someone. Also there is a short summary one minute video down below from our EasySwahili YouTube channel.

Please, note that the responses to the greetings can be repeated to respond to different greetings. So lets get going.

Greeting in English Greeting in Swahili
Hello or Hi Habari, Jambo, Hujambo
Hello (plural) Habarini
Hello ( to older person) Sikamoo
How are you Hujambo, Habari yako
Good Morning Habari ya Asubuhi
Good Afternoon Habari ya Mchana
Good Evening Habari ya Jioni
Good Evening Usiku Mwema
How is your day? Habari Ya leo
Welcome Karibu
Welcome (plural) Karibuni
Goodbye Kwaheri
Have a nice day Nakutakia Siku Njema
Sleep Well Lala Salama
Seen you again Tuonane Tena
Nice to meet you Nafurahi kukuona
Have a Nice trip Safari Njema

Now lets take look on the response available in Swahili. We need to know to reply to the greetings we have learned. The certain responses can be repeated such as with different greetings but such as replies like Sijambo is only specific to Hujambo.

Greeting in Swahili Response in Swahili Response in English
Habari Nzuri Nice
Sikamoo Marahabaa Hello (response from older person)
Habari ya Asubuhi,Habari ya Mchana, Habari Jioni Nzuri Nice
Hujambo Sijambo I am fine
Habari yako Nzuri Nice
Habari ya leo Iko Sawa It is Okay
Tuonane Tena Sawa Okay
Lala Salama Asante Thank you
Nafurahi kukuona Hata mimi Even me
Karibu Asante Sana Thank you very much
Kwaheri Tuonane Tena Seen you Again
Asante Starehe You're Weclome

That is all for the first Swahili lesson. Just watch the summary video and if would like to know about Swahili in Tanzania , please visit the World Travel directory.

Swahili Greetings